Some coaches believe that their athletes need them…

We believe that great coaches need their athletes.

Without them, our fire will burn out.

Our athletes progress, develop, finds hunger, show growth, self inspiration – and most of all a sparkle in their eyes that maybe they can achieve what they once believed unachievable. This is the moment the athlete subconsciously justifies all the hard work of the coach.

Nothing needs to be said.

No thank you needed because the athlete has already said more then they possibly could to keep the coach’s hunger for their development firing.

We believe that living through your athletes is what makes good coaches great ones.

What We’re Not

We’re not:

  • a sign up and you’re away gym
  • a standard commercial gym
  • a gym that just provides the facility
  • a one-size-fits-all program


  • bridge the gap between starting out and high performance
  • motivate you
  • care about your growth
  • personalise to you

Meet the Team


Founder of Peak Sports Performance Centre & personal trainer.


Boxing & group fitness specialist.


Strength conditioning and group fitness specialist.


Boxing & kickboxing specialist.


The classes are dynamic, challenging and fun! The staff are friendly and push you to your limits. This gym has totally got me hooked, and changed my mind about the fact that exercise can be fun. — Gabby

Tyler is a great trainer! He tailors your training to suit for you and pushes you for your best results ?? — Stacey

Fully recommend Peak Sports Performance! Tyler knows his stuff and keeps the sessions different and fun, he will push you to be your best you can be! — Sarah

Tyler is very good at what he does and will push you till you get the results you want and need. He even goes the extra mile and messages you when he sees you’re eating s**t you shouldn’t on Snapchat. The results on our circuit sessions speak for themselves. — Luke

Deff 100% amazing. Before the 5week challenge I lacked motivation and couldn’t keep to a strict training routine. The boot camp gave me motivation because it was a team environment with a hint of competition and now I can’t wait to start the next challenge. Tyler is such a good trainer and takes pride into getting people motivated for sure!!!! – Anniee

One of the hardest trainings I’ve been thru. Results come quickly but not easily. A must for gains you require. — Stephen

Tyler does a awesome job! Definitely knows his stuff. 10/10 — JJ

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